Car Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection | Elite Car Detailing



Often referred to as “Paint Protection,” we specialise in the application of Ceramic Coatings from our Epping-based Melbourne Studio. Elite Car Detailing offers the premium Gtechniq brand, which not only enhances your car’s appearance but also simplifies the cleaning process and provides protection against potential damages like bird droppings, water spots, scratches and more. Trust in Gtechniq for state-of-the-art paint protection.


At Elite Car Detailing in Epping, we’re renowned for our expertise in Paint Protection Film (PPF) applications. Elevate your vehicle’s defence against stone chips and significant scratches with our superior PPF solutions.

Our precision hand-cut and application techniques cater to a wide range of car brands and models, ensuring an impeccable fit every time.

Choose from our expansive selection, be it the reflective high-gloss, the understated matte finish, or the tinted PPF for lighting aesthetics.

Explore more about our extensive coverage options and learn how our PPF can fortify your vehicle’s resilience against everyday wear.


Whether you’re aiming to preserve your car’s condition, ready it for sale, or have recently acquired a pre-owned vehicle, we’re here to enhance its appearance with our comprehensive detailing services.

Our offerings range from Full Details to Pre-Sale Detailing.

The duration and cost for these services can differ, so we encourage you to explore further for a detailed overview of the options we provide.


Window tinting enhances both the aesthetic and protective aspects of your vehicle. At Elite Car Detailing in Epping, we offer both Carbon and Ceramic tinting solutions to cater to your preferences.

Consider window tinting if you’re seeking privacy, UV defence, or a decrease in solar heat penetration. Our tinting films effectively block up to 99% of damaging UV rays and mitigate the amount of direct solar heat entering your car.

For guidance on tint shade and the best option for your needs, explore further.