Car Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection | Elite Car Detailing



Considering selling your car or just aiming to restore its original shine? Opting for car detailing services in Melbourne is the most efficient and effective method. As the days and years go by, your car’s paintwork inevitably faces wear and tear, even if it’s not immediately noticeable. Factors like water spots, sun damage, bug marks, and bird droppings can dull its appearance over time. The contrast becomes glaring when your vehicle is parked next to one that’s impeccably maintained.



Revive the heart of your car with our comprehensive interior detailing, emphasizing deep cleansing and conditioning.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Vacuuming
  • Intensive Leather Treatment: Cleaning and matte finishing
  • Detailed Center Console Cleanup
  • Steam Treatment for fabric areas like roof lining and floor mats

Add-ons Available:

  • Ozone and Freshening Upgrades
  • Advanced Fabric Cleaning with Carpet Extraction
  • Stain Eradication
  • Mould Elimination
  • Fragrance Boost


Varies by Stage

Our Paint Correction service is a comprehensive machine-polishing method designed to rejuvenate your car’s exterior, far beyond what many label as just a ‘buff’ or ‘polish’ at standard car washes.

Genuine paint correction is an intricate endeavour. The procedure is categorized into stages, determined by the depth and type of paint blemishes.

In this process, we specifically address:

  • Light to Pronounced Swirl Marks
  • Abrasions from careless handling
  • RIDS (distinct deep scratches), often due to zippers, bags, or unintentional scrapes.
  • Imperfections in the clear coat from bird droppings, water spots, or other external factors


For enduring brilliance after correction, we advise the application of a top-quality ceramic coating.


Half to Full Day

Our Full Detail service is an all-encompassing package, building upon our ‘Interior Detail’ and extending its touch to the vehicle’s exterior. It’s the go-to choice for those keen on a comprehensive refresh, whether to enhance the longevity of their current car or uplift a newly bought pre-owned vehicle.

Service highlights:

  • Everything included in our Interior Detail package.
  • Deep multi-stage washing with subsequent air drying.
  • Both chemical and hands-on exterior decontamination.
  • Completion with a tailored LSP (last step product), such as wax or a synthetic sealant

Additional Options:

  • Engine Bay Clean-up
  • Paint Refinement
  • Elevate the LSP to ceramic protection.


1 to 2 Days

If you’re planning to list your vehicle for sale, our Ready-to-Sell Detail ensures it showcases its best side. We aim to maximize the vehicle’s condition while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Included Services:

  • Everything from our Interior Detail
  • All components of our Full Detail
  • Light machine polish paired with a glaze to minimize and mask minor paint flaws, elevating the look by around 50-60%. (This isn’t a full paint correction)
  • Detailed engine compartment cleaning with steam

Add-Ons Available:

  • Comprehensive Paint Correction
  • Paint Spot Repairs or Dent Removal without Painting.