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For premium Paint Protection in Melbourne, Elite Car Detailing is your go-to destination. Our mission is to defend your vehicle from the typical challenges of the road, ensuring it maintains its lustrous finish for years. Our skilled experts specialize in the exact application of protective coatings and wraps, delivering impeccable outcomes every time. An increasing number of vehicle owners are entrusting their car’s exterior care to us, with our array of services spanning from Gtechniq ceramic paint protection to STEK protection films.

Recognizing that every car owner has distinct needs, we’ve tailored customizable protection packages. Whether your interest lies in ceramic coating or PPF services, we design solutions aligned with your budget and desired protection intensity.

Our dedication to unmatched quality remains steadfast. By keeping pace with the latest advancements and techniques, we promise precision in each endeavor. At Elite Car Detailing, it’s not merely about averting potential harm, but ensuring your car consistently radiates its pristine allure. Collaborate with us to craft a personalized protection approach for your prized possession. Before external elements compromise your car’s finish, let Elite Car Detailing in Epping provide unparalleled paint protection. Join us at our Epping workshop to explore the intricacies of ceramic paint protection and auto paint protection films.

GTECHNIQ is a leading ceramic coating brand from the UK, fortified by 20 years of expertise. Known for high-quality products like Crystal Serum Light, EXO V1 to V4, and Crystal Serum Ultra, they continue to be at the forefront of coating technology.

Crystal Serum Ultra is distinct in its class. With a 10h hardness rating, it’s uniquely formulated to generate two protective layers from a single application. The exterior layer offers formidable defence against swirls and scratches, while the softer inner layer ensures flexibility, adding to the coating’s longevity and optimal function.

In collaboration with Elite Car Detailing, GTECHNIQ presents:

  • Crystal Serum Ultra 10h (exclusively for professional application)
  • EXOv4, a top-tier hydrophobic surface coat
  • C5 Wheel Armour, designed specifically for wheels and brake callipers
  • Gtechniq protective solutions for fabric and leather.